We're starting a new guide designed to help new coders quickly and easily grasp processes associated with customization of a Nuxeo Application Instance. With short and simple articles, you'll learn the different aspects and ways to add your own modifications to a Nuxeo Application.

We have named this set of articles the "Dev Cookbook" with each lesson or article being a "recipe". You'll find it here: http://doc.nuxeo.com/display/NXDOC/Dev+Cookbook

As this is brand new, for the moment there are only two recipes available.
The first one focuses on the creation of an empty project that's ready for starting a new bundle.
The second one is focused on the creation of an action within a Nuxeo Application.

The next articles will be related to the creation of a new layout, customization of the UI, and much more.

We also have our technical FAQ, which we continually update.