On newsforge Robin Miller claims that
internet applications is a bad idea
. He lists three reasons. 1: loss of
connection, 2: connection outage and 3, connection failure.  OK, so he
really mentions only one reason, but he mentions it three times in different
variations. Yes, internet connections between X and Y is not 100% reliable.
Not only can your hardware or software fail, your connection to the ISP can
fail, the connection between your ISP and the application servers ISP can
fail and the application servers ISP can fail and the application server can
fail and...

Things fail. Connections too. But that is no different from a hardwaree
failure or a software crash from the users point of view. So, the more
important an application is, the more you need to make sure access to it
will work all the time. A rather self-evident point, which Robin Miller
fails to reach.

Getting a stable access of course includes minimizing failure points. For
internet based applications, which in todays world includes almost anything,
since the internet reaches all the way to that 10base-T plug that sticks out
the back of your computer, that means you shouldn't have fifteen ISPs
between you and the server. Which also seems rather self evident.

The internet today is everywhere, because it facilitates communication in a
way we have never seen before. Anything you do via the internet is an
internet based application, really. Can you honestly say it is a bad

(Post originally written by Lennart Regebro on the old Nuxeo blogs.)