It's been a while since I have posted in Lounge. Now posting from Boston office, where I will work until the end of year !

Today we will talk about workflows. I am quite frustrated with out-of-the box DM packaging, because since it has to be a generic product, what you can see regarding workflow is not very crunchy, it is more about document validation/review, whereas you can do so many things with the embeded business process management soft (JBPM). Having to work a couple of days on on a nice protype recently, I thought it would be great to share the use-case here. I chose to record video and voice, as there is a lot to say about this use-case. You might have to put the volume up since the sound is quite low, sorry for this. The video is 24 minutes long. The main points that the prototype demonstrates are :

  • how UI can be easily customized to serve the use case, without having to do a full re-design, and how also you can make it really simple and straight for some profiles (see translator profile)

  • how you can manage task affectation in different ways :

    • automatically (ex : automatically affected to the translators for a translation request)

    • reading a permission on the document : the task is then affected to users/groups who have, for instance, the validate permission in the case of our video

    • based on user input : when the production user ask for the production of the video, it is automatically affected to the video group. If I had chosen the flash production, it would have gone to another team

    • by directly choosing the participants (not in this demo, but in default DM product)

  • how you can launch several workflows at the same time using the document worklist

  • how you can modelize a complex document structure : the Learning Object document type here has various content fields, with sub-characterization for each file

  • how workflows can handle automatic steps, where content is processed by third party application or moved into various folders

For those not having time to watch this 24 minutes long video, here is a little synopsis :

User Administrator connects and try to create / modify a Learning Object manually to present the structure of LO. Then Technical user drops a file into Nuxeo, this file is the story-board of the training. Then he launches a Learning object production, which is validated by Validation user. Then the document is automatically moved to the Assembly workspace were the "production manager" will subsequently start video production and translation workflow. Finally the document is published into a public space, in pdf.

Next on workflow topic would be to show you how you can also modelize multi-steps worklows in Nuxeo, where your document lifecycle is totally controled by a workflow, from end to end. Stay tuned !