We just released a new version of Nuxeo Studio, the customization toolset for building solutions based on Nuxeo Enterprise Platform.

For this release, we focused on decreasing the learning curve by offering a set of predefined, configurable templates, so that users can re-use and learn from these examples. Indeed, users trying Nuxeo Studio need to quickly get the logic of Nuxeo Document Management (DM), and understand document types, layouts, lifecycles, etc... and can be confronted with “the void of paper”, extensively described by Stéphane Mallarmé in his poem “Brise Marine”:)

Nuxeo Studio - Create

We now offer new Studio users concrete examples, so they can “see and modify”, which is much easier than just “create”. For instance, you can now import the default Nuxeo DM configuration, to start from existing document types, content views and lifecycles and just modify them. We also made sure that Studio 2.1 could leverage the new features in Nuxeo DM 5.4.2, whose evolutions were designed for easy customization.

  • Project validation: First, our team implemented a "consistency check" system, that controls each time you save your project that all of the configured features reference existing elements. For instance, if in an operation, we reference an "xpath" expression (ie a document property), it will be checked that this property exists. It will be the same for operation chains and operations that are referenced for user actions, etc … That way, you don't even need to deploy to be alerted that something is wrong. You might be disturbed at the beginning -- don’t hesitate to send us your feedback :)

Nuxeo Studio - Validation

  • Refactoring: Then, we also started implementing some "renaming" capabilities, so that, for instance, when you rename an automation chain, it is automatically renamed everywhere.

  • Template library: The two previous features will be very useful for you to leverage our new "Application templates", which you can import from a library. That way you can import pre-configured workflows, document types, etc … You want to do a custom validation workflow? Import the default one we provide and just adapt it by modifying the parts that interest you. If you do something wrong, Studio will tell you, thanks to the new global validation feature.

  • Interface improvement
    Studio is a web application, and we added more web feeling to the browsing logic (no more "double click", "right menu", etc.. that people didn't like), thus improving accessibility of the application. We also moved some general menus to the left, so as to have more space on the main screen for displaying the configuration.

Concerning the new features, as we said, we did improve Nuxeo DM 5.4.2 with Studio in mind, so that we can provide a more complete customization experience:

  • More user action place holders: it is now possible to add user actions (buttons) on the create/ edit forms so that users have several processing options when submitting a document, if the business context requires it. It is also possible to add actions anywhere you need in the summary screen of your document type, making user actions more visible and accessible.

  • Enhancement of content views configuration, including the "filter" part that appeared with Nuxeo DM 5.4.2, both in the content tabs and in all the content views you can add, as well as having a nice CSV export of the content view.

  • Leverage domain-level configuration: you can contribute from Nuxeo Studio various advanced search screens, various themes, various document types... and configure your Nuxeo domain to specify which one of them will be used in each domain. You can scale the use of your platform!

  • Hot Reload has been completed (this is actually a 5.4.2 improvement): permissions declared from Studio are hot reloaded as well.

  • More operations are available, more widgets (for instance a document suggestion widget)

Finally, Nuxeo DM 5.4.2 coupled with Studio 2.1 will give you one of the first occasions to appreciate how easy it is to migrate customizations in the Nuxeo world. All the improvements that have been added in content views (exports, etc…) are very easily activated here. All the new place holders for your actions are just a matter of changing some drop down boxes, the modifications in the theme are handled by Studio directly. Don't hesitate to give feedback, and stay tuned, as we are already planning exciting features for the next version!!!

Some useful reminders:
For Nuxeo Online Services clients, Nuxeo Studio is available on the Connect portal. For those who are not currently Nuxeo Online Services clients, a 30-day, fully functional free trial of Nuxeo Studio is available. Sign up directly through the Document Management installation wizard, or on our online form.
A live demo of Nuxeo Studio with Q&A takes place twice a month. The next session will take place on Wednesday June 29 -- registration is already open.

-- The Studio team