As you all know, the Nuxeo Platform is open-source and we love to see your contributions! Recently, we reviewed our process to integrate external translation contributions to the Nuxeo Platform and updated it. We have been using Crowdin to make it easier for the community to contribute label translations in their own language. It visually shows you how much of the project is translated, approved or not yet translated. Their support team is also very responsive and helpful which is a great bonus (thanks Andriy!).

Until recently, we had to manually update the source labels in Crowdin coming from multiple Nuxeo plugins. Getting translations from Crowdin was also done manually and we had to merge them with other contributions from GitHub pull requests. This process was complicated and time-consuming. Not any more!

Now once a day, our QA chain pushes English translations to Crowdin and also retrieves translations in other languages. All translations (including French) are now managed from Crowdin, except the “reference” English translations, which are still handled with the rest of the source code in GitHub.

Crowdin-Nuxeo Page

How It Works

All files from the main Nuxeo modules are merged into a single file. This file is fed to the Nuxeo project on Crowdin every day so translators always have the latest changes. This is automatically done by a Jenkins job after a series of unit tests.

The same job also pushes contributions from Crowdin to the Nuxeo Platform source code on GitHub. Your contributions should then be automatically available on the next day (if all tests have passed)!

Get Involved

The Nuxeo project on Crowdin is fully open source, so you can contribute to any language! You can follow the steps on the documentation page How to translate the Nuxeo Platform to get started. We are specifically looking for contributors in Japanese, Chinese, German and Dutch.

English and French are the two official languages of the platform, so we handle the validation of French labels. But if you feel like checking the quality of the labels in other languages, do not hesitate to contact one of the managers of our Crowdin project. We will also be happy to credit you for your help.

Also, the Nuxeo Platform 7.3 is coming soon! Our release process includes a code freeze period during which we will suspend our automatic retrieval of contributions from Crowdin. The 7.3 code freeze is planned for June 17th. Don’t forget to review and update the translations in your favorite language before that date if you want them to be part of this release!