I am very proud to announce that we just released to the public an XForms engine for Eclipse / SWT. This plugin is part of the "Apogée" project, we recently proposed to the eclipse foundation.

The Nuxeo XForms engine allows to :

  • Generate Eclipse/SWT forms from a XForms document

  • Dynamically validate inputs against an XML Schema without generating an XML document (yes, it's dynamic XSD validation for Eclipse/SWT forms :-)

  • For developers, introspect and test their XForms document (through a dedicated editor)

For us, this new plugin opens new perspectives for Rich Client applications : all user interface forms can be dynamically defined by the server. It's another step in unifying web interfaces and rich client applications... one form to design to create the UI in the browser and in the rich client application. One more step for the Web and Desktop convergence!

The XForms engine is generating Eclipse/SWT Forms from an XHTML/XForms document and an optional XML Schema and CSS stylesheet. This first release supports only a subset of the XForms standard is supported for now (more feature will be added in future), but still, it's really usable and useful for many needs.

The XML Schema is used for automatically validation of the generated forms. You can find more details about XML Schema support are in XML Schema Support section.

The stylesheet defines the form layout for the SWT rendering.

Get involved !

I would like to thank Bogdan Stefanescu who did that great work in less than one month! Huge work!

Get involved and stay tuned for the next step! :-)

(Post originally written by Eric Barroca on the old Nuxeo blogs.)