Last week I was at EclipseCon Europe in Germany. It was the occasion to talk about Apricot, show our IDE plugin to attendees and meet the Eclipse community. I did some Nuxeo demos as well. Wonderful organization considering the fact that they had many, many different talks during those 3 days. I must say it went really smoothly. Something I also realized was I had completely forgotten how to speak German....

Hot topics at ECE

The first day I participated in an Eclipse marketing meeting, where Ian Skerrett showed us how attendees are using Eclipse. Not surprisingly, most of the people are here for either the IDE features, RCP or model generation with EMF. Server side applications aren't so appealing but they are definitely getting more and more attention. And it really showed in the program. There weren't many server-oriented talks, but they were all well attended. I think my favorite one was about Gyrex. It basically helps you run clusters of Equinox servers with the help of several tools, like p2 for provisioning and deployment, a private cloud feature with ZooKeeper, Jetty for the web layer, etc... I'd really like to see Apricot in one of the repositories available with GyreX.

Apricot feedback

So, speaking of Apricot, for those of you who aren't familiar with this name, Apricot is a content repository accessible through APIs. It will serve as a solid and efficient base for developing content applications. By "content applications," we mean any application with a primary function of managing structured or semi-structured content in any way. This could be a Document Management application, a Digital Asset Management application, a Case or Records Management application, a Web Content Management application, or simply business-specific applications.
It's part of the RT project, and we are still in the process of contributing the third party libraries.
If you are interested in this project, you will soon be able to view my screencast / tutorial showing how to build and develop content-centric apps with Apricot.

Eclipse ecosystem

One thing for sure is that giving business talks at ECE is definitely more challenging than giving really technical talks. The main reason for this is that the attendees want to know more about Eclipse as a technical platform. Most of them are developers, like the guys from Obeo. They work on MDA, for transforming models into code. We talked a bit about Nuxeo and code generation, and one of them even made me a small prototype (thanks Goulwen) . So who knows? Maybe we'll see model-based generation of Nuxeo code. :)

Anyway, I had a blast at EclipseCon. I met some really cool people and I'm really looking forward to going back there with more Apricot, and maybe a case study. :)