What’s the future of Enterprise Content Management? What will the next generation of content-centric applications look like? Who will build them? How can organizations refresh and revitalize their information management strategies for the digital economy? What are the disruptive factors in Enterprise Content Management system that are changing perspectives and requirements? There is a lot going on in the ECM space today - CMIS brings a whole new opportunity to harvest content from the silos out there, Microsoft Sharepoint is delivering basic content services to the masses, the old guard vendors are defocusing and retrenching.

We at Nuxeo believe that the future belongs to the products and platforms that let companies get moving on their content challenges. The stitched-together Suite vendors won’t have the agility and cohesiveness of content management system architecture to keep up with the demands of this new world of mobile, social, lean and interoperable content.

Enjoy.This is a fascinating time to be in the ECM market - we’re glad to be on the forefront of driving innovation. Let us know what you think about the topic in the comments section.

ECM as a Platform - Next Generation of Enterprise Content Management - Nuxeo Webinar Series[slideshare doc=ecmasaplatform-nextgenerationenterprisecontentmanagement-nuxeo-100528133949-phpapp01]