Sometimes, the most helpful way to solve a problem is to see how someone else solved it. ECM systems provide solutions for all types of businesses across industries, and understanding how other organizations in your sector have already deployed Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions can be precious.

For example, consider the board of directors from one of the top 15 banks in the world who used an ECM platform to create a “Data Vault,” to store client information securely. They adopted a cloud-native platform, which dramatically increased performance and scalability, horizontally and vertically, with Open Source and microservices architecture, federation capabilities, and a low-code development approach.

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Financial services is but one industry that has to pay close attention to compliance regulations. Healthcare, pharmaceutical, energy, and legal sectors all face severe penalties for noncompliance with government or industry regulations.

For example, HIPAA Retention Requirements demand that hospitals retain patient documents for a minimum of six years from document creation. With a modern ECM solution, administrators can set content retention times via retention management tools to keep records secure until their automatic destruction. These tools protect both the patient information as well as the hospital concerning compliance regulations.

In the legal industry, law firms implement legal holds if directed to, which stop any activities relating to case-pertinent information during the eDiscovery process, which identifies, collects, preserves, and delivers electronic information during legal proceedings. Modern ECM solutions can offer law firms a holistic approach to eDiscovery that provides faster, better quality search results. During legal proceedings, that could be the difference between winning and losing a case.

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Countless use cases exist, illustrating how modern ECM systems provide the latest tools and services to transform the way you work. While searching for your right solution, be sure to research these use cases as they pertain to your specific industry’s needs.

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