Now that you evaluated your current existing ECM systems, are you ready to make a change? Before you start replacing your Enterprise Content Management, we recommend you to think about migration risks.

There are always risks involved with moving from one system to another but the benefits of modernizing your information systems vastly outweigh those risks if your implementation, content and data migration, or upgrade is executed correctly. The key is to find the least disruptive approach possible. One way to mitigate those risks is to be aware of them, below are five risks you might encounter:

  • Application Dependencies
    There is a possibility of breaking a mission-critical system during migration if the information system is invalid. Losing track of integrated applications along with its data is a real possibility.
  • Roll-out Strategy
    To keep business disruption to a minimum, take the time to create a company-wide strategy informing employees and staff about how to keep communication open during the migration process.
  • Roll-Back Strategy
    No one wants to start a migration, then have to abandon it and return things to their previous state if the migration fails. There are several moving parts, so put as much effort into creating a rollback strategy as you do with a roll-out strategy.
  • User Training
    While being a vital component of a system change, training takes workers away from their jobs, which causes disruption. There is also the possibility that workers will forget their training by the time the new system is launched.
  • Resistance to Change
    Humans are creatures of habit, and throwing a new-system into their work life doesn’t always sit well. They may be slow or resistant to adoption, or they may feel pressure to perform under certain expectations that come with a new system roll-out.
    While these serious risks exist, new technologies and methodologies make migration much easier than before. As with all projects, careful planning, communication, and management is critical.

For more on how to manage the move from legacy to modern Enterprise Content Management take a look at this ebook: “Understanding the Risks of Legacy ECM“.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are always risks involved with moving from one system to another. Here are the 5 main risks:

  1. Application Dependencies
  2. Roll-out Strategy
  3. Roll-Back Strategy
  4. User Training
  5. Resistance to Change