Nuxeo Studio 31 is out and Thibaud already listed the main new features in his latest, awesome, and yet musically questionable Nuxeo Studio Rocks blog. Let’s take a closer look today at one of those features: editing your text resources (i18n files, widget templates, etc.) directly from Studio.

If you have no clue what I mean by the resource files in Studio, our documentation center has your back:

Prior to the release, making a quick correction to a resource file was somewhat cumbersome. You had to download, edit, and re-upload it (assuming your web browser had not renamed it differently in the process).

It is now much simpler! You can edit the file from the browser by clicking on the edit icon:

Nuxeo Studio Ressources

And you end up with a nice editor that includes color highlighting. In the screenshot below, I am editing one of my internationalization files:


But it gets better! If you are editing more complex files, such as widget templates (Documentation Center: Custom Layout and Widget Templates), Studio helps preventing mistakes and typos with validation and auto-completion.

Try it out and don’t forget to tell us what you think!