How easy would it be, for content capture, if you could directly inject content into your ECM system using emails? Would be great I think. That is exactly what Nuxeo Email Archive offers: here is how it works...

First, you'll need to create, in Nuxeo, a Mail Archive folder. You can create as many as you want.

That way, you bind an email box form your email system to this folder.

configuration is very simple : Apart from the email address, password
and host, default values will fit most of the times.
For the rest, you have specific fields for your custom values.

For example,you can choose betwen IMAP or POP3 protocole.

Image 3

Once the folder is created, system retrieves every new email sent to this box.

Image 5

For folder refresh, you have two options: manual trigger, via a button in the folder, that will immediately retrieve the new emails, and automatic fetch, each 10 minutes for example (this number is configurable by administrator)

Of course, mails are still available from the mailbox, they are just copied in Nuxeo. 

When a new mail is detected, an "email archive" document is created in the folder, including fields  “sender”,  “recipient”, “date”, “subject” contents and attached files. 

The text and metadatas of this email are indexed, and thus can be easily retrieved via the search.

Image 6

To find out more, check out the screencast:

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