These days I'm trying to use the OOoBean to use in Eclipse
windows. A link to the ubion ORS plugin is attached to this article. There
are some problems using this plugin, that is:

  • it works very well on KDE and Windows, but I can't make it work on Xfce
    windowing system. this seems to be due to some Gtk issues... I have to
    investigate a bit more on this topic.

  • the plugin sources downloadable on the ubion ORS website aren't
    correct: there are still some work to do there

  • the bootstrap isn't launched as a background Job: this
    takes a too long time for the user and has to be corrected

However the MS Office integration is much easier on Windows thanks to
Eclipse OLEFrame class allowing programmer to include some OLE objects in
SWT windows. This works fine, but is only valid for Windows platform.

The next problem is how to launch MS Office on MacOS ?

(Post originally written by Cedric Bosdonnat on the old Nuxeo blogs.)