Nuxeo Open Source Case Management FrameworkNew versions of our open source case management framework, Nuxeo CMF, and Nuxeo Studio were released today. Coincidence? Not at all.

These two new releases mean more customization possibilities for Nuxeo CMF with Nuxeo Studio, the configuration environment for Nuxeo ECM platform products. A framework built with the Nuxeo platform, Nuxeo CMF is a pragmatic tool for building case-based software solutions that replace paper-intensive, file cabinet-focused processes. Now it is even easier to customize Nuxeo CMF and adapt it to the specific requirements of your project.

Define and Structure Your Case Management Solution

Since Nuxeo CMF is built with the Nuxeo EP technology, all of the customization features available in Studio, such as application branding, custom search form design, content view configuration, etc., are also available for Nuxeo CMF. In addition, new features have been added that are specific to a case-based solution.Nuxeo Studio for Nuxeo CMF

  • Create a case. Using the file cabinet paradigm, a case is the folder that holds all of the documents and content relevant to the case. Nuxeo Studio enables the definition of one or multiple types of cases, each with a specific lifecycle and metadata to help with search and classification.

  • Define a case item. Documents or other elements found in the file folder are called case items. A generic case item, with its own metadata, can be defined and associated with a case.

  • Define operations. With Nuxeo Studio, you can define a chain of operations that triggers automatically from a given action. For example, you may want to start a pre-defined workflow when a new case item is entered. Distribution and route management operations are available to help define and automate case management processes.

  • Lifecycles. A default lifecycle can be used as an example, to facilitate the creation of custom lifecycles, or it can be used as is. The graphical lifecycle definition tool makes this custom setting easy to learn.  

  Nuxeo Studio is delivered in a hosted environment, eliminating the pain of installation, upgrade and maintenance. Even better, an automatic connection between Studio and CMF enables one-click customization project installations, with hot reload. For anyone who has gone through cycles of developing, installing, and testing, this time-saving trick is going to rock your world!

Cool beans. How do I get started?

Installing Nuxeo CMF and starting your first customization project with Nuxeo Studio will probably take all of about 10 minutes -- a prototyper’s dream! Here’s are some helpful links:

Spend a few minutes on the test drive, then send us your feedback. We love to know what our users think - it keeps us on our toes.


-- @JaneZupan