Nuxeo Online Services is the subscription offering for Open Source Content Management Solutions. The Nuxeo Online Services portal is a central point of access for all the services our clients subscribe to: maintenance, support, and customization of Nuxeo platform.

Sometimes it's a good idea to reconsider a project from the beginning.

Especially when this project is a useful tool, full of promises, but where the user interface is not in adequation with users' needs.

The time had come to review the UI.

After many sketches, ideas on sticky notes, html mock ups, and feedback cycles, here it is  -- we just updated the Nuxeo Online Services UI, for your viewing and navigating pleasure.

What has improved?

1. No more left side boxes to navigate. The menu is now simpler and more clear.
2. Account and Project pages are merged into one single page - My Applications.
3. Hotfixes are now managed by the Nuxeo Marketplace.
4. All supplementary content is now grouped under the Resources menu.

Check out the new My Applications view:


I'm sure the experience will be better by far -- let me know what you think about it.

The next step? A beautiful dashboard. Yes sir.

-- Lise Kemen