While shopping online, you must have seen multiple images for a product. Well, here is what likely happened before you saw them: someone took the pictures, someone else selected them, someone else photoshopped them, someone else validated them, and eventually they were published on your favorite retailer website.

Imagine that process for hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures every day. Add a tight delivery date on top of that and you’ll get an idea of the challenge that can be! At Nuxeo, we encounter more and more situations and use cases where, on top of the basic Digital Asset Management (DAM) needs (such as preview, convert, extract metadata, simple validation, and search), the critical pain point to address is really about the process.

Whether you need to create that process from scratch or you feel like your existing one could be streamlined, here are a few reasons why the Nuxeo Content Services Platform is the solution. Hint: If you spend a big chunk of the day copy pasting spreadsheet lines to assign work and making sure the references you copied are the right one, then you are probably in the second category :)

Nuxeo Speaks Your Business Language

You can model your business into the Nuxeo Platform; no need to start a huge change management project along with your DAM project. Thanks to its flexible data model you’ll handle and organise the same objects you already use: photoset, work order, product photo, TV ad, etc. This is also true for everything else, such as a product reference, a picture angle, an SKU number, an event name, etc.

In the end, you can keep your actual process and vocabulary and inject them into the Nuxeo Platform for better efficiency and integrability with other existing systems.

Nuxeo Displays the Assets You Need

In DAM processes, roles are usually very specialized (create, validate, etc.) and productivity needs are pretty high. One efficient solution is to use specific views to filter the assets depending on states, due dates, and who you are. It requires less clicking around to get to the information that matters.

With the flexibility of the platform and Nuxeo Studio, it is simple to define such customized views. These views can be uncoupled from the folder tree easing access to the assets that needs to be worked on, no matter where they are (assuming you have the right permissions of course).

In the following example (screenshot), we only show the photosets that are ready for the preparation phase for the digital tech team:

Custom views

Nuxeo Makes Sure You Won’t Miss a Due Date

Using the Nuxeo Workflow Engine, users will be notified when they have new tasks, and escalation rules can be set up when it looks like a due date is going to be missed. Thanks to custom views we mentioned before, managers can also get a quick overview of the pending tasks. You can even go further and analyze past performances to identify possible improvements in the process, thanks to our data visualization toolkit that lets you monitor and analyse your data and workflows.

Knowledge Management Dashboard Data Visualization

With more and more companies using the Nuxeo Platform the way we just described, we grow our expertise on how to handle this kind of content and the challenges around it.

If you think your DAM processes could be better and flow more naturally, check out our Digital Asset Management software or get in touch with us. I am sure we can help you!