Yesterday has started Zope 3 sprint in Chalmers before Europython.

Among listed subjects people were interested into:

  • repository
  • tools for document type creation, schemas and layout
  • Xicken in Five
  • Workflow
  • Relations
  • Implement a macro portlet
  • Creating an AJAX infrastructure
  • XForms

    The day was a dicussion on all this subjects and some demos. Among other
    demos, Paul Everitt showed us what he has done using AJAX to create a page
    based on XForms that interacts with preloaded client side datas.

    I am highly interested in this subject but I do need to learn more about
    XForms before I can help on the topic.

    After that Godefroid Chapelle and I discussed how could we bring  AJAX
    into Zope, like Ruby on Rails did, to let the developers use its principles
    without having to write javascripts.

    We have started to list use cases of interest and work on a model.
    CPSMailAccess has a lot of use cases that were implemented in "raw"
    javascript and will probably be a good field of investigation for testing
    what we are going to do.

    Since more people will join us today and tomorrow, and since most of the
    people have not yet decided what they were going to do, I guess i will post
    tomorrow a more precise list of points with more infos. (the list I gave is
    most likely to be the draft list)

    (Post originally written by Tarek Ziadé on the old Nuxeo blogs.)