The timetable of EuroPython 2006
has been partially published yesterday night. You can check it out over t

Nuxeo will be there :

I will be talking about Lucene-based cataloging solution for Zope-3 and CPS-3.4. on
thuesday the 4th. See my recent
post related to this. I am really excited to present these pieces of
software to the Python / Zope community !
Tarek will
be talking about CPSBayes : a multipurpose naive bayesian classifier for
the same day in the morning.

Because of a really busy schedule nowadays at Nuxeo, I won't be able to attend the whole
conference and will be in Switzerland on thuesday only. I will certainly
attend the conference
dinner in the evening. I will be pleased to meet anyone interested about
discussing anything related to Python, Zope or Nuxeo.

See you there !

(Post originally written by Julien Anguenot on the old Nuxeo blogs.)