Another week, another chapter?

Yeah, I know I said I'd be releasing these chapters every day or so,
but sometimes things go astray. I had a rough week with a lot of
immigration into France problems (for my dog! my wife didn't have any) as
well as having to install my "world" on yet another machine. I've got
through an old mac, a big server in the amazon cloud, and I'm now using my
desktop remotely (via the old mac) on some huge 8 way server in a Nuxeo
machine room. Sigh. Anyway, that setup is performing pretty well so I
should be out of the woods now until my new macbook comes. (Air! Will
somebody give me an Air, puh-leeze?)

This installation is nominally about Events and Event Handling--but
secretly there is a agenda! I wanted to introduce readers to all of the
tricks involved in getting eclipse to work well for testing but I did't
want to do it in a chapter where the content itself was super-tricky. So,
I figured most Java developers know about Events and Event Handling (since
this used everywhere else) and it would be a good place to introduce the
"Eclipse for testing, Maven for deploying" mantra that I'm using in the

So, here it is in all it's glory, chapter 8, Events
and Event Handling

The whole book can be found here.

It's only fair to admit that Alexandre Russel helped me a ton on this
chapter--he re-introduced me to the idea of Eclipse's source path. I,
foolishly, thought that a source path should contain, you know, "java
source code." Oh, no, no! The "source path" in Eclipse can be better named
"Places where the content will be copied into eclipse's designated output
folder, unless it is Java source code, in which case we will compile it
and then put the compiler OUTPUT in the designated output folder." I guess
that was hard for them to fit on the menu item.