Web UI 1.0 for LTS 2016 is Now Available!

“Web UI” is the brand new web client for the Nuxeo Content Services Platform: It is responsive, configurable and extensible with many new UX features and is built on a modern JavaScript stack (Polymer) leveraging the Web Components standard. We are very happy to announce that Web UI 1.0 has been released and is now available for Nuxeo Platform LTS 2016! This means that starting now, you can choose Web UI as the main UI for your users - you can configure it, extend it, and benefit from hotfixes released for LTS 2016.

Web UI Release Cycle

Web UI will follow the Nuxeo Platform release cycle, which means the feature scope of Web UI for LTS 2016 is now frozen and new features will be delivered according to the Fast Track release cycle. So, the next Web UI version to be released is the Web UI add-on for Nuxeo Platform 9.2 in July, followed by the one for Nuxeo Platform 9.3, and so on until LTS 2017 is released in November. There may be exceptions for some existing add-ons. For example, if you are a customer and need an existing add-on to be ported on Web UI for LTS 2016, we will look into your case and discuss the feasibility. Major add-ons have already been ported for convenience while others that will be integrated natively in the platform won’t be ported for LTS 2016 (for instance Diff, Smart Search).

Configure Web UI Using Studio

Besides the Web UI add-on, we have been working hard to implement a set of new Studio editors for configuring and customizing this new UI, a.k.a. the “View Designer”. Thanks to the View Designer, pretty much everything is configurable and extensible in Web UI, such as:

  • Document Forms
  • Workflows
  • Pills (a.k.a “Tabs”)
  • Dashboards screens
  • Search screens
  • Folder views
  • Document Actions
  • Browsing Tree roots And more.

The View Designer has not yet been made fully public as we are awaiting further feedback before rolling it out to everyone. If you are a customer, you can request access to it via your support help desk. You can find the required documentation, and Hyland University tracks and tutorials in the links below.

Hyland University




Migrating from JSF

If you want to migrate a project that is based on the JSF application, you will be able to map your customisations to the new concepts. By the end of this year, we will provide a tool for migrating the forms definition from JSF to Web UI, which will lower the time spent to generate the HTML files. We will also provide help for migrating the Tabs and User Actions.

Search Filters



In the coming months, we will gather your feedback on the View Designer and work towards improving the user/dev experience further.

Some of the upcoming Web UI topics we will be focusing on are: - Text highlight in search results - Ability to scroll across the pages of a search result - Bulk download of content - Rework on the metadata layouts

You can follow the Web UI roadmap here. We are also exploring whether we will use Polymer 2.0 for LTS 2017 or not, so stay tuned for more updates!