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Fri 16 December 2016 By Alain Escaffre

We have just released the Nuxeo Platform LTS 2016 featuring the beta version of our new Web UI and we are very excited! This year we started the implementation of a completely new web client for the Nuxeo Platform, called “Web UI”. The goal is to reboot the technical stack (Polymer, Web Components) and to build a completely new assets manager that would take the UX to the next level, and with the beta version we are a step closer to this goal. The final release of Web UI 1.0 is scheduled for the beginning of April and it will be compatible with the LTS 2016.

To move from the beta version to Web UI 1.0 the work that remains is mostly about:

  • Implementing some missing required add-ons: Nuxeo Spreadsheet, Nuxeo Template Rendering, and Nuxeo CSV Importer
  • Finish implementing the Studio View Designer, which is a set of new Studio editors for customizing Web UI forms and assembling Nuxeo Elements for customizing the Web UI.

You can already try Web UI 0.8.0 version available in the Nuxeo LTS 2016 Installation Wizard. The scope implemented includes:

  • Repository Browsing
  • Content Capture, including a completely new batch mode.
  • Content Preview, Metadata Edition
  • Search
  • Document Lists (a.k.a “queues”)
  • Workflows
  • Collections

Web UI
Web UI

Browsing and searching a heavily loaded repository is now blazing fast! You can test Web UI here with the user demo/demo.

Question You Might Have

We have answered some questions about the UI that you might have:

Will Web UI be supported with LTS 2016?
Yes. As soon as the Web UI 1.0 package is released, it will benefit from hotfixes.

Is there a documentation on how to customize Web UI?
The documentation is being written this month and it will be made available here before the end of December.

Can I start a project now on Web UI?
Web UI implementation is still ongoing but it’s stable now, so yes it is possible to start a project. We advise you to do this with the help of our consulting team because Nuxeo Studio or the documentation is not yet available in Web UI (but this will be solved in a couple of weeks).

Are JSF and Web UI applications equally featured?
The core asset management features have been ported to Web UI: browse, search, version, create, upload, preview, workflow, complex metadata management, collections, renditions, DAM, etc. Not all the plugins have been migrated yet. This will be done progressively depending on our customers’ and prospects’ requests.

This table allows you to compare the core features of both applications. You can also track the list of plugins ported to Web UI on the Web UI Marketplace category “Web UI”.

Is the JSF UI still supported?
Yes, the JSF UI in LTS 2016 will be supported and maintained for three years, up until the end of 2019. We will deprecate JSF UI next year, meaning that there won’t be any more bug fixes for it on LTS 2017.

Can I use both web applications on the same Nuxeo Server?
Yes, you just need to deploy both packages. The package management system has been updated to detect whether you installed zero, one, or two of those applications so that it can install additional add ons with the corresponding modules.

What will be customizable in Studio?
The Web UI set of Studio editors will be clubbed under the name of “View Designer”. The idea is to let you directly edit HTML files, cutting any meta-model in the middle, so as to shorten the ramp up time for development teams and let them be more powerful in what they can implement. Forms will still be editable visually, by drag’n drop of Nuxeo Elements, but it will also be possible to switch to HTML sources and fine tune your page. It will be possible to customize most of the Web UI app including:

  • Menu entries on the left
  • Document type forms
  • Workflow forms
  • New document pills (formally called tabs)
  • Search screens, document lists, data tables
  • Actions

Will Studio provide me a straightforward migration path from JSF UI to Web UI?
For simple customizations that were using default widgets and layout features, without any advanced filtering preferences, the answer is yes. Later we will provide tools and options in Studio to easily migrate. If your customization is made using custom XHTML templates and EL expressions to express display rules it might not be possible automate it. You will have to port your forms manually because we cannot guess what was implemented in your custom XHTML files and the EL expressions evaluated server side may not have the same context as the one available client side.

What is the roadmap and release cycle for Web UI?
There will be essentially three items in the roadmap:

  • Keep on porting some of the add ons.
  • Keep improving the browsing UX. The goal is to make the most productive and efficient asset manager in the market
  • Add new technical capabilities, such as polling.

We may end up with an autonomous release cycle of Web UI, which would become a standalone product with a fixed dependence on a given version of the platform (LTS 2016, for instance). But this is yet to be discussed! In any case, hot fixes will provide Web UI bug fixes.

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