We know you are excited about the upcoming Nuxeo Platform 5.6, and we can’t wait to tell you about it! We’ll be writing a series of blog posts as we develop the next version to whet your appetite.

For those who have been using Nuxeo for years, you know very well the Summary view of a document… and its flaws. It was time for a facelift… but not a superficial Botox one. More like George Clooney's. Welcome to Hollywood.

As you know, we had a certain number of constraints, such as compatibility with previous customizations, scalability, and making it accessible to Nuxeo Studio for customization. So there was hard work behind the scenes also!

Here's the result!

Do more in a single tab

The first thing was to ease navigation and information access. That's why we wanted to provide a better and clearer display of information.

Now, you can access the most important information from the Summary view. If you don't need a specific history or workflow detail, for example, you have all the information you need in the summary.

For details, you can click the other tabs, but you have all the key info on the first one.


We improved the configurability of actions on the Summary tab, and we brought the icons up to date.


What’s your first reaction when you find an article or a document interesting? Share it!

That is why we had to make the Share action quick and simple: you just have to copy the selected permalink, and then tweet it, send it by email, etc.


When you want to download a document to read it offline, or to send it to external people, the download option has to be quick and efficient.

That is why we now provide a global download option for the document to download all the attached files. If you want to download only one attached document, you will choose the usual green arrow at the attached document level.


Instead of having to choose the actions to subscribe to for email alerts (which is a very modular but complicated way of doing things), Nuxeo now provides a single "follow" option to subscribe to all notifications. Follow can apply to a document or a workspace.

This way, you or your team members won't spend time asking yourselves which notification would be interesting: you will just follow!

"More" menu

An additional menu has been added. When you already show 5 actions, (i.e. the 5 buttons displayed), the other (and secondary) actions automatically go in the "More" menu.

New look

A new look for all of the tabs

The tabs interface elements have also been redesigned, as you can see below.


A new slot is dedicated to the participants of the document: author, contributor and last contributor. Each name also links to the participant's profile.

You find this article interesting? You should go and check the author's profile, and his other articles, via his activity feed!

Redesign of metadata column

While we were at it, we also provided a new look for the metadata column, which includes tags, version information, a description, etc.

Now, you just have to wait for the 5.6 release to see it for yourself on Nuxeo!

Stay tuned, there's more to come!

Delphine Renevey