Content is everywhere, it is central to many business processes, and it is prolific. Content goes far beyond simple documents and multimedia files; content is information. An email exchange with a government agency, corporate policies and regulations, university course notes and discussions, team project meeting reports and interactions - different forms of content have varying lifecycle and distribution requirements.

Content management -- as an initiative, a technology, and a set of guidelines -- is the ticket to making the content work effectively, in any environment, even in the face of rapid growth.

A platform approach to content management offers the flexibility to adapt the technology to the context, whatever it may be, and allows for change and growth as requirements evolve, making it a pragmatic and sustainable choice.

At Nuxeo, we’ve been witness to a growing trend with our clients that gets us really excited. I’ve talked to a number of clients in the last 6 months who are telling a similar story, which is different from the story clients told me 2 years ago. It goes something like this:

  • We downloaded the Nuxeo Platform to help us manage the documents in our department or organization.

  • We started to understand the extent of the platform capabilities.

  • We have plans to deploy the Nuxeo Platform for all of our content-centric applications, from inventory management to email management to control of marketing collateral.

  • We have plans to ultimately run our business on the Nuxeo Platform.

Businesses all have different requirements in terms of content management, but the emerging “aha” is that many business processes are fundamentally centered around content in some shape or form - documents, virtual collaboration exchanges, media files, and so on. In the past, business processes often flowed through email, with a document attachment. In the workflow-by-email method, search, versioning, collaboration, digital and secure access, are handled haphazardly, if at all. Broader information governance issues, like regulatory compliance, or even loss of information due to employee turnover, are very tricky without a tool and a method in place.

Today, the flexibility and adaptability of a content management platform enables solution architects to build the right solution for any content-heavy context, resulting in more efficient and productive business processes.

So why do we get excited about this emerging trend?
For a number of reasons.

  • This validates what we’ve been saying - Nuxeo as a content management platform for business applications offers a helluva good value proposition. We’re seeing more and more clients who understand the power of the platform approach.

  • It’s gratifying to put a lot of effort into a developing a platform that is open, modular, and highly customizable, and see clients use 80% of its capabilities, rather than just 20%.

  • When our customers succeed, we succeed. Our raison d’etre is to help organizations build sustainable content-centric applications. They’re doing that, in large numbers.

We predict that this trend of using a platform for building a wide array of content-centric applications will continue, and we invite you to share your thoughts below.