The Nuxeo Content Services Platform is ideal for complex, enterprise applications where out-of-the-box solutions fall short. It’s a low-code approach to configuration and customization combined with an API-first approach means that it can provide the foundation for a wide variety of business applications that allow enterprises to leverage the full business value of their content.

Our two most recent case studies illustrate the breadth of business solutions that can be supported by the Nuxeo Platform.

Virtual Mail Room

Virtual Mail Room

A highly respected Italian based business services company considered one of the leading experts in document management within the financial services industry, has developed a Virtual Mail Room platform that manages and tracks all incoming & outgoing mail including digital documents, emails, as well as physical documents and attachments.

Managing mail would seem to be a simple task, receive it, log-it, and pass it on to the recipient. But today’s multi-channel communications complicates matters with having to manage not only physical mail but digital communications too. The problem is multi-faceted and gets exponentially more complex for large distributed, and multinational, organizations.

The new Nuxeo based service allows an automatic and controlled mail flow, which is sorted on the appropriate paper or digital channel based on the customer’s needs, The workflow is also subjected to monitoring and tracking processes – from taking charge to delivery to the recipient, through complete and homogeneous management of the entire processing flow.

Basing the solution on Nuxeo allows the Virtual Mail Room to be delivered at the scale, level of configuration, and speed demanded by their customers. Nuxeo’s flexibility and low-code approach allowed the services company to develop integrations faster and with more functionality than before.

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Character Licensing

DAM for Licensing

A Nuxeo customer in the media & entertainment industry realized that they needed to address the challenges of fast-moving changes in distribution channels and increasing customer demands for merchandise. The key was in developing an efficient approach to leveraging their vast catalog of intellectual property assets.

Licensing intellectual property can be a major contributor to an enterprise’s revenue stream, with the company mentioned in this customer story generating over $6 billion in retails sales from merchandising, with an aggressive plan for new initiatives coming on-line to grow that number even further.

As part of those initiatives, the demand for digital content on a global scale continues to grow, as new digital content distribution models are emerging and constantly changing, and companies, especially ones in fast-moving sectors such as the entertainment industry, must be able to meet these needs.

For the Consumer Products licensing requirement, the solution was to deploy the Nuxeo Platform in the cloud as a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system in order to search across 350,000 assets for, harvest, and license digital assets from the creative process.

The creative approval process to request new marketing assets starts in Nuxeo Platform managed by two DAM librarians. Once submitted and approved, integration with a work and project management tool generates a new creative project managed via integration with the existing Workfront tool, that was open to up to 2500 users across the licensor network.

The wider requirement of leveraging the company’s archive of legacy material resulted in the development of a Content Management and Distribution Platform that initially provided access for 1,000 users across the enterprise to around 20 Million currently known assets. It is expected that this number could grow to 1 Billion overall as enterprise-wide adoption continues.

The new Nuxeo based DAM platform makes it extremely easy for the company’s retail partners to find assets, download assets quickly / with multiple options, while at the same time making curating 350,000 assets painless for the company’s staff of digital librarians.

The goal of the new platform is to simplify content management and distribution and, as a result, accelerate the production, and approval of licensed products.

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