Nuxeo is happy to announce the Release Candidate of Nuxeo 5.4.2.

You can download the packages from:, or more specifically:

This is a pre-version for the 5.4.2: all features targeted for 5.4.2 are included, but we plan to do some polishing and bug fixes during the next couple of weeks before we release the final version of 5.4.2.

So if you interested in Nuxeo 5.4.2 new features, it's time to give it a try and send us feedback.

Here is the detailed list of the tasks resolved for 5.4.2-RC:

At a glance, here are the main changes compared to 5.4.1:

New User Interface layout

The default JSF UI has been reorganized in 3 main tabs:

Screen shot 2011-05-18 at 6.11.10 PM

  • Document management: the standard UI for browsing and managing the document repository.

  • Admin Center: access to all the administration screens (including the Update Center).

  • Home: user personal settings.

There are two main goals for that reorganization:

  • limit the number of links in the top bar,

  • easily provide additionnal views on the content (typically, DAM, CMF and Correspondence will soon come as new tabs next to Document Management).

As part of this UI work, the User management screens have been refactored.

New Dashboard

The OpenSocial integration has been reworked based on the new GWT OpenSocial container contributed by Damien's team from
Leroy Merlin.

This new dashboard is faster than the previous one and provides more gadgets and layout options.

In terms of infrastructure, OpenSocial gadgets can now use Automation REST API to fetch their content, and it's now far easier to create your own gadgets.

In addition, Nuxeo is now completely integrated with OAuth:

  • you can integrate external gadgets in Nuxeo,

  • you can use Nuxeo gadgets in an external container (like Confluence, Jira 4, iGoogle, ...).

See documentation at

Content Views

All documents listing and search results are now aligned on Content Views to allow easy configuration from Studio.

Default Content Views now include:

  • filtering options,

  • export options (RSS, ATOM, CSV, Excel, PDF).

See documentation at

WSS and WebDAV


The new WSS connector is now based on WebDAV (the previous one was using FrontPage RPC) so that it can be used with recent versions of MS Windows and MS Office.

This new connector is the result of the merge of the WSS plugin with the JAX-RS based WebDav plugin.

Thanks to this new connector you can now Map your Nuxeo repository as a Drive under MS Windows or Mac OS X.

This was made possible thanks to the guys from Gagnavarslan that probably spent hours with WireShark trying to make the WSS connector work with most recent versions of Windows and kindly contributed their hard work.

In order to workaround the authentication issue on recent windows without having to use HTTP or Windows native authentication, we had to add HTTP DIGEST auth support.

This connector has been successfully tested with several configurations, but your feedback and tests will be greatly appreciated.

See documentation at

Mixins supports in VCS

Nuxeo Document Repository (VCS) now supports mixins: you can dynamically add a schema to an existing Document instance.

This is an extension to the facet system:

  • facets can now be defined on a per-instance basis,

  • facets can now be associated with schema.

More information at

New system properties for the CMIS interface

In addition to the system properties defined in the CMIS specification under the cmis: prefix, Nuxeo EP adds a couple of additional properties under the nuxeo: prefix.

See documentation at

Local configuration

Local configuration is a new service that leverages the new mixins supports to store some configuration directly on the documents.

This is now used in the default DM UI so that you can configure at Domain or Workspace level what Document types, themes, content views should be available.

New OS independent installer


The installer has be rewritten to be multi-platform compliant.

Based on IzPack, we aim at providing easier install process, better OS and desktop integration.

We would be glad to have your feedback on this too.

New Drag and Drop


Nuxeo DM now includes support for HTML 5 Drag and Drop.

This means that if you use a decent browser (FF 3.6+, Chrome 9+, Safari 5+) you can now import files via Drag and Drop without any additional plugin.

This new import feature can be easily configured in order to choose what Content Automation Operation will be executed to create Documents from the uploaded files.

See documentation at