Zope3 is very cool, but Zope2 has more products. So, what to do? Well, use
both of course. Zope3 + Zope2 equals Five, a product that makes it
possible to use Zope3 technologies in Zope 2.

Nuxeo commited to using Five during the fall of 2004, and are soon ready to
release the first of our Five based products. But one of the obstacles to
this has been Five itself. It hasn't integrated very well with CMF, and
therefore not with CPS. Much effort and many different solutions have been
tried to make this work, and the final fruit of this work (mainly by Martijn
Fassen and me, but with a lot of help, support and ideas from several
others) is Five
, released today.

Although isn't possible to just take a Zope3 product and plonk it down into
CPS, Five now enables us to use many of the superiour concepts of Zope3 such
as adapters and views, and use these for CMF/CPS/Plone development. Zope has
always made "rapid application development" possible, but with Zope3 it will
be even more so.

(Post originally written by Lennart Regebro on the old Nuxeo blogs.)