5 Ways to Maximize Value from Your Digital Assets

Tue 07 February 2017 By Julie Allouch

We figured a long time ago that enterprise content and digital assets must be organized to facilitate collaboration, storage, and retrieval. But in today’s data-driven world it’s much more complex than that. It’s about maximizing the value of your data. Take a media or advertising agency for example. Digital assets are at the core of their business. What is important is not the file itself but the metadata around it: IP rights, post production management, talents rights, etc. and turning this data into a valuable digital asset is not an easy task. Using the wrong asset in the wrong place could cost the agency a fortune.

Global organizations are unlocking the value of their digital assets and taking initiative to embrace digital transformation. Here are the five key steps they are taking to build their next generation digital asset solution:

Digital transformation is uncovering new business opportunities like never before. It’s also creating new challenges as organizations strive to manage the increasing complexity, volume, and diversity of digital content and its delivery channels.

To uncover the full value of your enterprise content and digital assets, and break free of the limitations of legacy ECM and digital asset management technology, you need to shift your digital asset strategy to a hyperscale platform approach. The reward is a successful digital transformation that puts your business in the driver’s seat for the future.

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