We've been hard at work on our Flex connector for the Nuxeo Platform and decided it was now time to release it on our marketplace. You'll find two different packages, one containing the connector, the other containing some samples.

The new connector lets your Flex app interact with Nuxeo using AMF, the binary format used to serialize ActionScript objects. This means you'll be able to easily read, search, create, update documents stored in Nuxeo, manage workflows and tasks, use conversion services, manage users and send notifications, etc.

This is done using Granite Data Services. While it already provides Seam integration, we've also added support for all Nuxeo services.


Calling Nuxeo services has never been so easy. With the Flex Connector, there's no need to spend your time working with remote objects and all the boilerplate code that usually comes with it.

Learn how to use the connector by referencing our wiki document, What is Nuxeo Flex Connector.


We also packaged some samples so can you can see what's possible with the connector.

When deploying the samples on a Nuxeo instance you can access them in 2 ways:


Here is a list of all available samples:

Basic remoting samples Shows how to call remote services and how Java Objects and DocumentModels Marshaling is handled.
Document API browser sample Shows how to use the repository API to browse the content and display documents properties.
DocumentAPI sample Shows how to modify a document.
Actions sample Shows how to use Nuxeo Action service to fetch from server what actions are available in a given context (Document + user).
Nuxeo Runtime sample Shows how to call directly a Nuxeo Runtime Service.
Flex Login sample Shows how you can provide a Flex UI for Login/Logout in Nuxeo.
Vocabularies sample Shows how to use Nuxeo's vocabularies from Flex.
User management sample Searches and modifies a user.
Tree sample Simple demo of the provided Navigation Tree SWC component.
Document Explorer Sample application to show how to build an Explorer using Nuxeo service and Nuxeo reusable SWC components.
Document API and State Management This sample shows how you can manage state on the server side to share some data between several SWF applications.


What's next?

We have two main goals for the next release:

  • The first goal is to update GraniteDS and the Flex SDK. The versions we are using right now are quite old. We're going to update GraniteDS to the lastest 2.2 version and use Flex4 to build all of our samples. (This will be the moment to test the push features available through the most recent Granite version.)

  • The second goal is to tightly integrate Nuxeo Automation to the connector. Currently you can already use Automation in any Flex application using a Flex remote object as Automation can be invoked through our REST services. But this new integration will use AMF instead of JSON, which should give us better performance (a verbose protocol like the current one based on JSON will always be more expensive than a binary protocol like AMF) .

If you want to keep an eye on our Flex development, you can check in regularly on our JIRA tickets related to the project.