Blogging seems so self-centered. But, I've been ordered to, so
I will. I'll try to focus on things that maybe could possibly
be thought of as eventually have some interest for

The last months have for me been a matter of focusing more on
Five, which is a
product that enables you to use the Zope 3 component
architecture under Zope 2. Hence the name Five. Five is
still in an early stage, but is used by some people. The last
release 0.2b, is useful for writing applictaions as long as
they are independent of other Zope frameworks, even if it is
lacking a lot of the nicer features of Zope 3, such as schemas
and auto-generated forms.

Of course, most people interested in Five have legacy Zope 2
products and frameworks, or they would go directly on Zope 3.
That means that for most people Five in it's current state is
pretty much useless. However, we are working on that. I have
the last two months been extending Five with forms, and trying
out various ways of making it possible to integrate Five
products with CMF, and of course CPS.

Soon to be announced is a Five sprint here in Paris, it looks
like it's gonna be the 14th to 16th March 2005. The result of
that will hopefully be the finishing touches to this CMF
integration, and a new release of Five that will be useful for
current Zope 2 users.

(Post originally written by Lennart Regebro on the old Nuxeo blogs.)