Successful companies realize they need to change to meet the needs of the fast-evolving digital marketplace and are transforming their digital platforms to keep pace. One of the key aspects of this new landscape is the ability to link data and content. As a consequence, Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms are evolving too, a trend noted in The Forrester Wave for DAM, which points out that DAM has gained a “broader adoption in more organizations.”

That broader adoption is seeing Digital Asset Management systems expand beyond more than just the mere storage and retrieval of imagery. The types of content that such systems are managing now includes video, text, and many other rich media types. The use of DAM is also spreading to include diverse areas of the organization where access to the right approved image for the right application is a fundamental requirement. With broader use also comes an explosive growth in the number of assets that need to be stored, correctly tagged, and made available.

Forrester Heard from Nuxeo Customers

During the research for the report, Forrester heard from Nuxeo customers who were “quite satisfied with search and scale against their large libraries of content”, further supporting for us the positioning of the Nuxeo Platform as a highly scalable approach capable of handling very large content volumes.

Organizations with such large volumes of assets across the enterprise, in particular, are looking at modern DAM platforms that allow them to search, and just as importantly, find rich content that can be leveraged in meeting both enterprise operational needs as well as in delivering new types of customer experiences. In its report, Forrester cited search, scalability, and metadata and taxonomy as strengths for the Nuxeo Platform.

Delivery of rich content assets as part of the customer experience is just one part of the story, as attention is starting to be paid to the value of content across every aspect of an enterprise’s operations - from ideation to production, and through to marketing, and the on-going customer experience. As Forrester states in its report, “DAM has grown beyond being a static asset repository. It now supports the upstream creative process for content” as well as its traditional content delivery role.

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Digital Asset Management Broader Usage

We believe this observation aligns well with Nuxeo’s vision of the expansion of DAM into new roles across the enterprise and that it is reflected in Nuxeo’s positioning by Forrester as a Strong Performer among DAM offerings.

The Nuxeo platform’s highly flexible data models was also recognized. Additionally, one client noted that

[Nuxeo’s platform] felt like a ‘custom app in a low-code environment,’ which was a top selling point.

Forrester Research defines low-code tools as “platforms that accelerate application delivery with a minimum of hand-coding, and quick setup and deployment, for systems of engagement,” and that’s exactly what Nuxeo is delivering today!

This flexible, low-code approach and the platform’s strength in search and digital asset management workflow are leveraged by Nuxeo customers to build solutions that provide a consistent view of assets throughout the enterprise’s value chain. This enables operational efficiencies by bridging technology and business silos and driving revenue growth through reduced time to market. In fact, Forrester concluded in our report profile that “Nuxeo is a good fit for media and product companies with large content libraries that need a flexible platform.”

If you’re facing the challenge of leveraging the power of your digital assets across the enterprise and would like to learn how other Nuxeo customers are leveraging the power of one of the strongest performing and growing DAM platforms in the marketplace, then contact us today!