Digital asset management (DAM) is more important than ever. The recent changes in consumer behavior and business practices have resulted in online content often being the sole source of interaction between a company and its customers.

Whether it’s product comparisons, how-to videos, or online shopping – digital assets are at the center of the customer experience.

But it’s time to ask ourselves: How are we delivering that online experience?

  • Is it the right experience?
  • Is it good enough, or is it exceptional?
  • Are we leveraging rich media assets to make the experience exceptional?

Rich media content that’s engaging, timely, relevant, and above all provides value, is imperative for global brands. The Nuxeo Digital Asset Management system ensures that you can manage and deliver that rich media content at incredible speed and scale.

Nuxeo, now a part of Hyland, is honored to be included in the Forrester Now Tech: Digital Asset Management For Customer Experience, Q2 2021. The report confirms and reinforces the experience of many Nuxeo customers in the importance of reduced content creation costs, operational efficiency improvements, and digital rights management.

“We believe our inclusion in Forrester’s latest Now Tech report on DAM for Customer Experience reflects our commitment to making it easier for brands to deliver an engaging customer experience while effectively managing all of their digital assets at incredible scale,” said Chad Malley, global director, Digital Asset Management practice at Hyland.

DAM has never been more important than it is today, with global brands recognizing the need to provide more personalized customer experiences through images, videos and other rich media assets that can only be delivered when DAM becomes the center of the digital content supply chain.

Forrester based its analysis of the DAM market on two factors: market presence and functionality. Nuxeo’s primary functionality segments noted in the report were Enterprise and Media & Production. Forrester states organizations have increasingly turned to DAM to support their broader digital experience agendas and when doing so, they can:

  • Reduce content creation costs
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Improve rights management and compliance

Forrester’s report comes as DAM gains broader adoption in more organizations, requiring leading vendors to provide improved support for usability, work-in-progress assets and enterprise integrations.

The Nuxeo Platform places your rich media assets at the center of the digital supply chain, connecting content, data, and assets across the organization, to deliver exceptional customer experiences.