If you are a creative team working on editing videos, chances are that you are encountering pain managing the work in progress. Your team likely spends a lot of time editing videos and uploading them to some server every time there is a new update, and waiting to receive feedback either by email or other messaging tools.

  • What if you could view feedback on a precise video frame or across a sequence?
  • What if you could clearly illustrate your ideas with a simple drawing?
  • What if you could get comments and approvals in real-time from anyone, anywhere?

To answer all of those questions, Nuxeo has delivered a connector to the most popular tool for managing video approval workflows, Frame.io. The Nuxeo Frame.io Connector will save you a lot of time and help your team to focus on what matters most: your bottom line.

Why a Nuxeo Frame.io Connector?

Frame.io is a modern software-as-a-servive (SaaS) solution for collaborating on videos: features include comments, annotations, and sharing public/private links. is how you can call their The solution is known for being fast, secure, and resilient and is used by many leading brands.

The Nuxeo Frame.io connector allows you to improve your capabilities of syncing and collaborating on content from/to the Adobe Premiere product, and other video editing tools available through Frame.io.

How do you use the Nuxeo Frame.io Connector?

The benefits of integrating with Frame.io allows you to work on approval workflows inside your favorite fast and reliable cloud solution Frame.io and send the final approved asset back to Nuxeo to keep your content in the single source of truth.

With the Nuxeo Frame.io Connector you do not need to download content to your desktop and reupload it to your DAM manually. The process of using the connector is easy and fast to understand: you do all the review work in Frame.io and once finished, export your final asset to Nuxeo along with its Frame.io metadata, comments, and annotations by pushing the action “Publish to Nuxeo” to send it asynchronously and go work on more video approvals.

Nuxeo Frame.io Connector Demo

To understand the power of the tool, watch a quick demo of the Nuxeo Frame.io Connector:

Video Content

Visit our documentation page to learn more about how to set up the connector.