One of the cooler launches we've done this year was the introduction of Nuxeo Studio. Officially we describe it as "the configuration and customization environment" for Nuxeo EP and related packaged applications like Nuxeo DM or Nuxeo Case Management Framework. It's a hosted design environment that is delivered as part of the <a href="/services/>Nuxeo Online Services support package for application builders/developers. Because it is a hosted service, we are able to quickly enhance the feature set on an ongoing basis, including the recent introduction of Content Automation services, without ever needing our customers to reinstall, upgrade or disrupt their ongoing application design work. 

Most ECM products on the market today have some level of customization tools that allow some screen modification, metadata modification, or forms design... but Nuxeo Studio is perhaps the richest end-to-end design environment that I've personally seen in my 16+ years in the business. 

We're working on a series of educational videos - quick 2-3 minute snippets to highlight some of the more interesting features of Nuxeo Studio. This first clip highlights the "application branding" options, that let your application designers create a look and feel to match any corporate identity or branding guidelines for corporate solutions.

More to come! Want to get your hands on Nuxeo Studio? We have a 30-day trial program available as a test drive for those of you who haven't yet become Nuxeo Online Services subscribers. Check it out.. and have some fun with it.