I'm happy to anounce that the JCR connector can now return all the items
or just the added or updated items. Deleted items are more difficult to
check: thus their support is delayed.

What the JCR Repository needs

In order for the synchronization source to work, the JCR Repository will
have to respect some constraints. They are described here:

  • The repository has to define the mix:synchronizable mixin type.
    This type is used to recognize the synchronizable nodes

  • A node is a synchronization item if and only if he has the
    mix:synchronizable mixin type

  • Each synchronizable node must define created and
    lastModified properties containing the dates of creation and

Next steps

As you can imagine, the connector isn't finished yet. Its source still has
to return the items content and add, update or remove nodes in the JCR
repository. Thus stay tuned...

(Post originally written by Cedric Bosdonnat on the old Nuxeo blogs.)