Had the opportunity to do a site visit to the Nuxeo World 2010 event
location while working at our HQ in Paris last week.


What an amazing venue for a tech conference.  "Geek Heaven" is all I could say as we walked out.

L'Echangeur is far more than just an event venue - it's an inspiration to anyone working in the world of technology. I cannot imagine a more fitting location for the Nuxeo World conference in November.  

L'Echangeur is designed to encourage innovative thinking, to inspire the imagination, to showcase prototypes of technologies that are on the brink of reality.  Content delivered in new dimensions, via new devices, engaging people with information and digital experiences in ways that seemed science fiction only a decade ago.  

Nuxeo is on this brink as well. We are poised to be among the leading contenders for the next generation of ECM. Nuxeo World 2010 should not be missed if you are passionate about content management, open source, and new ways of addressing the challenges of today's digital knowledge economy.

Early bird rates still in effect until July - Sign up here

Want to see more?
Check out the Flickr site here or play the video on their home page: