A few customers, partners and industry pundits have had a sneak peek over the last couple of months... but this week Nuxeo is pleased to announce a preview of the beta Nuxeo Digital Asset Managementm offering. 

Nuxeo DAM will be a packaged application - developed on the Nuxeo open
source ECM platform.  What that means is that a whole new generation of rich media assets - images, audio, video, complex graphics - can be managed, shared and controlled - further extending the proven strength of the underlying Nuxeo ECM platform.

Digital asset management Nuxeo ECM

Nuxeo DAM will open up new opportunities
for the creators, users and consumers of rich media to take control of
their critical image, video or audio content. This is an application designed to meet some specialized needs of brand/marketing managers, educational or cultural institutions, entertainment and media companies - or any other organization that has seen an explosion in the volume of rich, interactive, non-text content.

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management lifecycle

Digital asset management is a natural extension to an organization's Enterprise Content Management strategy - but with some specific elements that make it different than generic ECM. 

First is the complexity of the electronic content types requiring management - the large format, high-resolution formats that are needed for various publication channels - print, web, other online channels. 

Digital Asset Management 1

Second is the intricate metadata and rights management requirements to ensure content is used appropriately and in accordance with license agreements, subscriptions or regulations.

Digital Asset Management 2

And finally, the requirement to display, search, retrieve and sort rich content in a more visual experience, to suit the working styles of creative staff responsible for the development and use of such innovative content types.

 Digital Asset Management 3

We're encouraging our
customers, partners and prospects to download the beta
Nuxeo Digital Asset Management offering and contribute feedback on
roadmap and feature prioritization.  The beta is available here: /products/digital-asset-management

What do we need?  Community input - what do you like? What's missing?
What is the next set of features we should put into the roadmap? Are
there users inside your company who can share use cases?  We're ready
to listen.