We’re very pleased and excited to announce the launch of answers.nuxeo.com (in beta)!

Nuxeo Answers

This new  service is aimed at giving our users a better way to ask questions and get answers. Whether you’ve just been introduced to Nuxeo products, are in the process of evaluating them or have been a long-time user, answers.nuxeo.com is a collaborative Question & Answer portal that has been created exclusively for our community to grow, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. This means the entire crew here at Nuxeo will be dedicating our resources (just as we’ve done in the past to address forum topics) to get as many questions answered as possible and we invite our community to do the same, we know that some trusty members of our community definitely have the skills for it!!

We’ll also try to have a little fun at the same time... Like other collaborative Question and Answer sites, Answers.nuxeo.com will have a bit of a “gaming” flavor—any community member, either from Nuxeo or outside, can earn Karma and Badges depending on their activity. We should be honest here, we didn't invent anything, so owe our thanks to Stackoverflow, the folks at the OSQA project and at Dzone who made this possible, the open source way! Please join in, remember it’s for your own good!

Why the new Q&A?

So you might ask "Why do we need this when we have the forum?" Simply because, as users, we believe that while a forum is a great platform for hosting discussions, when it comes to having your Questions quickly Answered, a QA system like answers.nuxeo.com provides the quickest and most efficient path to getting you the information you need to know in the most user-friendly format possible.

With answers.nuxeo.com you can:

  • Ask questions (of any kind)

  • Be immediately alerted when your question has been answered

  • Rate the quality and accuracy of questions and answers

  • Search for answers using a full text, site-dedicated search engine

  • Answer questions proposed by others

  • Gain positive Karma by providing good answers or questions

  • Gain negative Karma, on the other hand, by providing bad questions or answers

  • Share your knowledge by commenting on questions and answers

  • Get Badges! The path to becoming a Nuxeo Jedi Master!

...and more to come in the not too distant future: a sleek UI complete with email notifications, additional rating capabilities, and tag-based navigation.

What will become of the Nuxeo User Forum?

For now, answers.nuxeo.com will act as an additional resource for users and our current forum will remain open. We'll be closely monitoring activity on these sites for the next couple of months giving both platforms a chance to evolve and giving our users a chance to provide feedback on their use. As always, the wealth of information that everyone in our community has contributed to will continue to be incorporated in our document center. We'd love to hear your opinion on how these community tools work for you, so please don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts!

How to access answers.nuxeo.com

Sign up for answers.nuxeo.com today—it’s easy! Simply login using your OpenID or Google account or you can create an account directly on answers.nuxeo.com.