I've added recently a new project in nuxeo-webengine: nuxeo-webengine-gwt

This project provides the capability to develop GWT applications in Eclipse
and launch an embedded Nuxeo Server as part of the GWT dev. mode server
to be able to debug your Nuxeo GWT applications inside eclipse (without
the need to deploy it on a real Nuxeo server).

Also it provides a mechanism to transparently deploy the compiled GWT
applications in Nuxeo WebEngine (without the need to create separate WARs).

Nuxeo GWT applications are packaged as regular Nuxeo bundles.
Also you can make use of the GWT RPC mechanism in your application without worrying about RPC servlets deployment in Nuxeo.

The GWT applications can be exposed to clients either through WebEngine objects, JAX-RS objects or custom servlets.

Note that this bundle is not yet part of any Nuxeo distribution so you need to put it by hand in your nuxeo server.

You can find more documentation about this here: