Was honoured to present at this weekend's Ontario Linux Fest in Toronto, Canada. Thanks to the great conference team for the hospitality, and the opportunity to talk to a community of seasoned open source professionals and up & coming student enthusiasts.

I found it fun because normally I speak to crowds who already are in an information management role and know the basics - this event allowed me to bring the 101 Overview to a whole new technical audience and help them understand why the business managers they advise & support might ask or need an information governance strategy.
Was glad to see the great attendance in the session, and the interesting & thought-provoking questions at the end.

And I learned a lot too - as a newbie in the world of open source, really found the sessions on the various licensing models of direct benefit, and was blown away by some of the success stories - some incredibly innovative and useful applications out there delivering huge benefit to businesses, citizens and taxpayers.

My recommendations?
For women in tech - please follow @RikkiKite with Linux Pro Magazine - an energetic and passionate promoter of open source and the importance of diversity in the technology world. She interviews women making a difference in Open Source at her Rose Blog (link)

To understand the tremendous value to taxpayers and the power of open source community - A must watch Youtube video with McMaster Professor David Chan on the Canadian OSCAR project - patient-centric electronic health records and a tremendous story to hear. Was a real inspiration, and made me really think about the opportunities for ECM in life sciences, health care and universities.

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