Lost In Translations

I've updated the book, again. I've added a new chapter to the book on how to make
a Nuxeo bundle behave correctly in different locales:

Chapter 7:
Internationalization and Localization

This is a chapter that is near and dear to my heart as a beginning (or
dare I say intermediate?) student of la langue français. One thing
that I didn't really get into this too much in the chapter, although it's important to
me these days, is how quickly you can process (or misprocess) things when
the language is your own. Some of the applications on my desktop here in
Paris are in French and I find myself glancing at things like menus and
thinking it says "Close File" when really it's saying something totally
different. The brain can really play tricks on you when things are buried
way down there will all that reptile stuff!

I have now put together 40 some-odd pages of text and images for Java
programmers and have yet to put a line of Java code in the book! I think,
though, we are reaching the limit of that and the plans for the next
chapters will include some Java chicanery, although we are not yet ready
to graduate from XML entirely...