As everyone on this planet (I’m referring to Earth, just to be clear) knows, Nuxeo Studio is the best tool ever, at least for configuring applications for Nuxeo, the BCSPWU.

Maybe you are wondering what BCSPWU stands for. Well, Content Services Platform is the “CSP” part (on a related topic, If you’re still using Enterprise Content Management system, please consider moving to a CSP instead if you want to survive. Read this to learn more about What is a Content Services Platform?). Regarding B, W, and U - I must admit I just made them up. It’s Best in the Whole Universe. Which could be considered a slight exaggeration, but I’m a bonified Nuxeo Evangelist, so I can say with all honesty that Nuxeo is, in fact, the Best Content Services Platform in the Whole Universe - BCSPWU.

Nuxeo Studio is the tool to configure the platform. And as a SaaS application, it’s automatically updated at regular intervals. Without you having to even lift a finger your browser gets them for you. That’s the magic of the SaaS approach! And with Nuxeo Studio, you (the user) can see a gentle notification notifying you about what’s new. If you’re one of those really detail-oriented people, you can check out the full list of changes on our documentation page: Nuxeo Studio Release Notes.

We’ve introduced some pretty cool stuff in the past months, such as:

  • In Designer, you can configure your Table Layouts with just a few drag-and-drops and point-and-clicks to set properties. Very cool. See the Configuring Searches in Nuxeo Studio Modeler & Designer lesson at Hyland University to learn more.
  • Constraints can be set for Node/Workflow variables.
  • In the Document Type definition, you can set the WebUI SVG icon (used in the Creation dialog box).

Oh and this one!

  • You can disable a resource! No need to delete it, you can disable, gently test, and later - enable or remove it. Very very cool.
  • “And lots more!” (as people used to say when they’re too lazy to write down everything).

Today, I’ll focus on the latest (as of June 3, 2018) “super, extra, top, cool, awesome” feature - which is something we’ll need sooner or later.

Let’s describe the typical context. On your Nuxeo Platform server, you’ve deployed some plug-ins, like nuxeo-vision, nuxeo-3d, or nuxeo-signature. You’ve done this because you want to:

  • Use the operations from some of them to expose VisionOp from nuxeo-vision, or Services.SignPDFDocument from nuxeo-signature because you want to call them from inside a custom Automation Chain (typically).
  • Extend/Override/Use a schema, a Document Type, a Facet that they expose (and maybe check the ThreeD facet for a custom 3D document you’re creating).

Prior to this new Studio feature, you had to manually fill your Studio Project Registry. I’m not saying this was hard - it’s documented and explained (like how to import the JSON definition of Operations). And you still need it for your private plugins (if any). I am saying this can become a bit cumbersome.

Since the end of May 2018, some magic has happened.

You no longer need to do this for public Marketplace Packages - Studio imports the definitions for you… automatically!

That’s right, I’m adding exclamation marks everywhere because it’s awesome!

In Application Definition, just select the package(s) you need and voilà. Their objects are now exposed in Studio:

Nuxeo Studio SelectPackage

Let’s show the examples I just gave in a video, so you can see it for real:

Video Content

Told you: Nuxeo Studio Rocks! (and keeps on rocking)