EA_Logo_150x150>What does the Grand Canyon have in common with playing golf? They both have a lot to do with the business strategy for Electronic Arts (EA), one of the leading video game companies in the world.

The company’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, recently explained that the company is using a common engine for all of its game development. Every time someone develops something cool for one game, Wilson said, it may be repurposed for another game.>

For example, EA recently added fantasy golf courses to its> Rory McIlroy PGA Tour> golf game, including a Grand Canyon course. “The reason you can put the Grand Canyon in golf is because those assets have been built somewhere else,” Wilson said in a recent> interview>.>

Using a common game development engine is just one enabler for the new “player first” company culture Wilson has actively fostered as CEO. The end goal, says Wilson, is “the empowerment of game teams to be creative … [and] feel like they can create any game they want. We want to free up time for innovation at a consumer-facing feature level.”>

EA’s global development teams use the Nuxeo Platform to quickly and easily access and collaborate on game builds under development, saving precious time in the process. Nuxeo not only helps fulfill EA’s “need for speed” when developing games, but also ensures secure delivery of game builds.>

Below is an infographic to quickly explain how EA utilizes Nuxeo, from the starting line to the checkered flag. The Nuxeo Platform ensures EA’s global developers have on-demand access to game builds with full security when a game is released publicly or archived for potential use later on.>

Check out the infographic below, as well as the complete case study!>

Nuxeo-EA Infographic