InnovateWe hear two very common questions during our Nuxeo sales conversations: “What is the time to market with your platform?” and “How easy is it to integrate your platform with other software?”. It’s no secret that technology is becoming more critical to businesses, and in order for companies to stay ahead of the rapidly changing landscape, they need to be able to keep up with change. When people look at the Nuxeo Content Services Platform, it is usually as part of a broader solution to various problems they have.

Nuxeo isn’t the only software in the enterprise. We get it. But, we’re faster and easier than you might think. The Nuxeo Platform is engineered and architected to allow you to accelerate time to market and to minimize the effort required to create integrations necessary for your business.

“How do you do that?” I’m glad you asked.

Through powerful developer tools, pre-built connectors, flexible frameworks and an open source philosophy that extends beyond our software code, we have built a platform that allows you to continuously innovate ahead of the market.

Let’s start with the UI.

We feel that creating elements to modify the look and feel of the front-end should be achievable without too much heartache and resourcing. That’s why we’ve started working with Polymer Web Components for our UI. With LTS 2016, you will be able to leverage fully functional UI widgets, web components-based Nuxeo Elements, to quickly build modern and custom web applications that integrate with the Nuxeo Platform. We’ve been blogging about that quite a bit over the last couple months.

Now to build out the platform with developer tools, Nuxeo Studio is our GUI-based tool that enables you to configure and design your document types, forms, workflows and everything that builds your business logic. If that doesn’t sell you on how cool it is, you should read some of the blogs on Studio we’ve written. Pay close attention to the “Nuxeo Studio Rocks” series by my colleague, Thibaud Arguillere. You’ll not only learn about Studio, but you’ll get a nice, companion playlist at the same time!

We’re constantly working to make Studio even better, too. With LTS 2016, we’ve incorporated branch management to handle multi-site complex projects customization by global teams. We’ve also made it easier to get started developing your own plugins for the application with our recent release of the Nuxeo Generator. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also worked with Codenvy to create a Nuxeo Factory that allows you to set up a Nuxeo dev instance with just a single click!

Once you’ve got your application up and running, you can take advantage of the many pre-built integrations and connectors available for the platform. We understand that content is created and stored in places other than the Nuxeo Platform. That’s why we’ve created connectors for Adobe Creative Cloud as well as many well-used Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) tools like Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

If the pre-built connectors aren’t enough, we offer a rich and robust RESTful API that makes accessing all the features available easy and seamless. The platform also offers a unified API for all client libraries.

To wrap it all up, we feel that embracing open source ideals within our company philosophy promotes speed and agility that you don’t find everywhere. We offer full transparency from our roadmap, to our benchmarks, to our documentation and beyond. We want people to see what we’ve done. We kind of like it.