Here at Nuxeo, we’re committed to building the most modern and intelligent Content Services Platform (CSP) on the market. Most recently, this means making the power of advanced artificial intelligence in content management even more accessible to enterprises so they can extract much greater insights and value from their information.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Nuxeo Insight, our AI in Content Management] service has arrived. This next-generation service enables enterprises to leverage their own business-specific data sets to create, train, and deploy custom-built AI models.

Leading the Pack in how Content Services Platforms use AI

Nuxeo has long been on the leading edge for leveraging next-generation technology for content management. For several years now, we’ve been offering integration with public cloud offerings like Google Vision and Amazon Rekognition. But Nuxeo Insight takes AI for content enrichment to the next level and sets an entirely new standard for the industry: it enables non-technical users to train AI models with their own data, and as a result, leverage AI models that are inherently more accurate and relevant.

It’s been well established that business-specific metadata is the foundation of effective search, content management workflow, and other value-creation activities in content-centric business applications. The challenge has always been the manual effort and investment required to properly and accurately identify content and link it to related materials. Existing content enrichment AI services address this challenge in one of two ways. Some services are easy to deploy and provide generic metadata not based on business specific content. Others allow custom model development, but require scarce data science expertise to use.

Nuxeo Insight addresses both of these challenges head-on with trainable AI models for business users.

Nuxeo Insight offers two additional unique capabilities:

  • It provides a service to intelligently describe content in any content repository, such as Box, Dropbox, and legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repositories.
  • All machine learning models are versioned and provide a comprehensive audit trail for machine-generated (meta)data values.

We know enterprises want to create their own custom AI models with their own content and data and without needing their own data science team, and we’re excited that Insight can deliver. Contact us to get more details about this offer.

AI in Content Management