It’s awards season for the film and media industry, so it seems only natural that the staff at Nuxeo would want to get involved.

During the recent AIIM Forum event in London, several members of the Nuxeo team got in front of the camera to share their views on a wide range of topics including AI and Content Services, why Nuxeo is a great place to work, how one of the UK’s largest banks is building a future proof financial institution, and much more.

Spoiler Alert: These videos probably won’t get nominated for Emmys or Oscars - but we’re proud of them anyway.

How AI and Content Services can Deliver Big Benefits

Category: Best Newcomer
Nominee: Dan Wingrove, Director of Presales in EMEA
Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is being talked about everywhere. Join Dan for a couple of minutes to hear how Nuxeo is developing in-house AI capabilities to deliver new and exciting content services capabilities.

Content Services Changes the Game at One of the UK’s Largest Banks

Category: Best Documentary
Nominee: Allan Porter, UK Sales Director
Content Services Platform are making a difference in many banks and financial services firms. Listen to Allan share details about how one of the UK’s largest banks is building an information vault to help them deliver better customer experiences and GDPR compliance.

What is Nuxeo?

Category: Best Film
Nominee: Matt Meigs, Director of Marketing Communications
Some people call us a 15-year-old startup, but what does that mean? Why is Nuxeo the fastest growing Content Services Platform provider in the market? Join our Director of Marketing Communications, Matt, as he explains all.

Modernizing your Business

Category: Best Storyline
Nominee: Dave Jones, VP of Product Marketing
All businesses are struggling with accessing and using their information effectively. Listen as Dave shares his views on how a simple, new approach to information system modernization can reduce cost and risk while still delivering business value.

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