We have been working hard the past few months to add finishing touches to the branch management feature and we are pleased to announce that it will be available on Sunday, March 20th! With this release we are exposing a lot more capabilities of the underlying git repository where your project is stored.

Branch Management

Let’s take a quick look at the main features:

Branch Management Features

Ability to Create Branches and Merge Them

You can apply management schemes, such as a maintenance/development branch and feature branches to your Nuxeo Studio project. This will allow you to work on any fixes for a live version while also working on new features simultaneously. You can expose snapshots of your branches to your continuous integration system because the branches are exposed through a dynamical maven servlet.

Ability to Commit Locally Many Times Before Sharing with Others

You can now commit multiple times before sharing your development to a common branch, thus avoiding any disturbances to other users with unfinished work. We have come up with a simple pattern of user workspace. Your project can have as many “common branches” as required, available to all users. When working on a branch, the user has to check it out on its workspace, commit the work and when the user wants, push it to the common branch so that other users can pull the changes.

Conflict Management

We have also made sure that any conflicts that arise are addressed. Conflict management is done with a screen that allows you to choose which modifications you want to keep in case of a conflict.

Conflict Management - Merge Popup

Nothing Will Change if You Don’t Want It To!

To make sure that users don’t lose familiarity with the way they usually work on their workspaces, there is a simple (default) mode that works as before. When you work on your workspace, remote changes are automatically pulled most of the time, and your changes are systematically pushed. That’s the default mode. The advanced mode allows you to save multiple updates for one commit, and do several commits before pushing them to the common branch. You can choose which mode you want to use.


The Branch Management feature will be available for free to our Platinum customers. Since we will do a progressive release, you can contact your sales representative (or use our online chat window) and they can help you enable this feature on your project. This feature can also be enabled for our Gold customers, who can contact their sales representative for the terms and conditions.

We are very excited about this release and look forward to getting your feedback!