What's New In fast Track 7.2Nuxeo Platform Fast Tracks are one of the ways that Nuxeo, our community, and our customers are able to keep up the pace of innovation in the Nuxeo Platform and supporting products and services. In this release, Nuxeo introduces some enhancements that developers will love, including Server-Side Scripting for the Automation services and REST API to interact with workflow processes. Some new capabilities will also make life easier for customer with Digital Asset Management Solutions.

We talked about Nuxeo Drive 2.0 the other week, this version will dramatically improve the usability and performance of Drive.

Here are some highlights of the release:

  • Server-Side Scripting for the Automation Service - Nuxeo Platform 7.2 introduces Automation Scripting. The Automation Service is a high-level, extensible, command-oriented API for the platform, allowing business logic creation (Automation Chains) by assembling reusable logic blocks (Operations).Based on the new powerful Javascript engine in Java 8, Nashorn, it provides a way to create scripts that natively call operations to create advanced business logic easily. All operations are natively available to scripts, including custom operations. Plus, Automation Scripts are also published and available via the REST API. They are unit-testable and can be bound to events or user actions, just like any Automation Chain. This improves ease of use of the powerful Automation Service to create advanced business logic in applications. All Nuxeo Studio users have the ability to create these scripts via the Script Editor in Nuxeo Studio, including a nice inline suggestion capability, or in their preferred Javascript editor.

  • Workflow REST API: A new endpoint in the REST API enables easy and natural interaction with processes, including process start, task management, instance listing, and task dashboards. Developers can now connect third party applications to Nuxeo Workflow or develop new user interfaces and applications faster, in the same way they access and interact with content.

  • Improved Data and Field Validation: Forms can now validate user entry based on advanced schema-defined rules and display a customizable message to the user.

  • Enhanced Media Renditions: All videos and picture conversions are now exposed as renditions in the Nuxeo Platform. Thanks to this, they are all available through APIs (CMIS, REST) in the same unified way and it’s now possible to control rendition link visibility and generation trigger (pre-rendered, on demand, cached or not, etc.).

  • Bulk Generation of Renditions: A new menu entry has been added in the admin center that allows re-computation of all existing renditions (aka Picture Views) based on a query. This is particularly useful when new conversions are added or changed at a low level and you want to apply them over your existing assets (ex: add a retina rendition format for mobile users).

  • Pluggable Marshalling: The Nuxeo Platform now uses a central entity marshalling service which makes it possible to add new marshallers. This enables developers to take over part of the complete marshalling step and change the way entities are represented as JSON either to accept new formats, or to output different formats depending upon use case or application.

  • Better Desktop Sync with Nuxeo Drive 2.0: There has been a major refactoring of the Nuxeo Drive product that includes a new user interface, multi-repository support, and massive performance enhancements. Drive can now handle more files and long operations (such as remote full scan) can now be interrupted and resumed.

Over the next couple of weeks our developers and solution architects will take you through these capabilities and how you can build and manage applications that take advantage of them.

Now that we have released FT 7.2 our sights are on FT 7.3 - think tremendous developer benefits, collaboration, and more!

Find out more on the what’s new section of the products page or in the release notes.