Introducing Nuxeo Platform LTS 2016

Thu 22 December 2016 By Alain Escaffre

After a year of Fast Track releases, we released the Nuxeo Platform LTS 2016, right on time to close this year with a bang! It was an exciting year for us, with an ever-growing engineering team, in Paris, New York, and Lisbon and one year of crazy commits. Statistics show more than 2500 commits every month on the main Nuxeo Server code repository with 5M+ lines of code, not counting all the addons, client SDKs, mobile applications, the Desktop Synchronization app, and other software that we create in side code repositories. The end result is the Nuxeo Platform LTS 2016 and its set of addons and client applications.

Confirming and Showcasing our Position Among the Most Performant, Reliable and Scalable Content Repositories of the Market


We’ve reached 1 billion assets with amazing performance on creating and fetching content. Behind those numbers, we have one year of intensive work on all elements of the platform:

The number of assets managed is one example, but the platform goes far beyond storing information. For example, we’ve also improved our asynchronous work persistence stack to reduce its footprint in Redis and allow it to queue even more work, such as conversion work orders, thus improving the scalability of asynchronous processing management.

Continue Building Strength with our Platform Strategy

We’ve made the core server distribution lighter by removing the JSF/Seam dependencies (they are still available as a Nuxeo Package). We also added:

Event pipes

Document acl

Strengthen our Lead in Enterprise Digital Asset Management Solutions (DAM)

Web UI

Mobile App

Nuxeo Edge Cache

Build a Platform and Tools that Developers and DevOps Love

Since the first versions of the Nuxeo Platform, technical design and available tools for project realization have been among our primary concerns. This year we released three game changers in that area:

Nuxeo Dev Tools

This was just a sneak peek! Download the LTS 2016 if you haven’t already and check out these features yourself.

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