With a goal to help Nuxeo users and developers learn and master the Nuxeo Content Services Platform, we had created Hyland University - an online learning tool that offers free, unlimited access to short on-demand Nuxeo Platform training videos. Over the past two years, Hyland University has proved to be a very useful learning tool and now we are taking it a step further with a brand new platform packed with new features to take your learning experience to the next level.

Hyland University

There are four major innovations in the new platform:

  • We will guide through personalized learning paths: The personalized learning paths will be adapted to everyone’s profile in order to help every learner comprehend the platform concepts in a way that suits them the best. For instance, a developer and an administrator won’t have the same learning paths: they will both follow Nuxeo fundamental courses as a starting point, but the developer will be directed to the REST API course while the administrator would look into the content management system architecture.

  • You can put theory into practice: Thanks to the coding assessments, quizzes, and exercises, you can test what you learnt from the videos. We have integrated online coding exercises based on Codenvy. Each learner has a dedicated workspace and the exercises can be controlled both automatically and manually.

  • Track your team’s progress: Every learner will have the list of all completed and enrolled course. You can even have your own Hyland University Portal in order to enroll your team and monitor its progress. We can create a new portal for you on-demand with all the content (Something like https://yourcompany-university.hyland.com) and create a manager account which will be responsible for creating the users and enrolling learners in the appropriate learning paths, courses, or certifications.

University Portal

User Logins

  • Get certified! We have created several certifications based on the learner’s level of expertise (Associate, Expert, or Master) and speciality (Nuxeo Studio, Frontend, Backend and Admin/Architect)

nuxeo certification

All the existing and future videos can be accessed for free (you just have to register).

For the new Hyland University portal launch, we are offering the Learning Path to the Nuxeo Fundamentals Certification with exercises and the Nuxeo Fundamentals Certification. In order to take the Nuxeo Fundamentals Certification, you have to register first in the Hyland University portal and fill the certification registration form. The learning paths, certifications, and dedicated portals are on-premise components.

New videos on the Nuxeo Platform LTS 2016 will be published soon.