Over the last month, we've been working to add a new section to our ever-improving Documentation Center. I'm pleased to introduce the RFP Toolkit: an entire section dedicated to helping our prospects and partners shape or respond to an RFI / RFP quickly and accurately.

Nuxeo is a comprehensive architecture for content management applications, and the broad range of technical capabilities, features/functions, and packaged distributions make it a solid and reliable choice that meets many ECM needs. This new documentation section helps guide the responses with a clear, organized layout, that we'll update and refresh as we release new products, or get new commonly-asked questions from our prospects and partners.

We've organized the RFP Toolkit into 4 main sections:

  1. Corporate and Company FAQ - who we are, how we're structured, where we're located and how to contact us.

  2. Functional FAQ - key features of our packaged applications that are of interest to content management specialists and business managers

  3. Technical FAQ - key elements of the Nuxeo platform architecture, system requirements, standards support and customization capabilities that developers and system administrators need to know

  4. Pricing FAQ - an overview of our Connect support subscription packages, and information on our open source licensing, and our Cloud Editions.

Even though this RFP Toolkit is only a few weeks old, it's already been road-tested successfully with a consulting firm bidding Nuxeo in a public sector opportunity. About 80% of the response was taken directly from this new FAQ section - so it works, and will only continue to be improved.

Look forward to your feedback!