No IT system lives in a vacuum, least of all a Digital Asset Management system ingesting assets from many sources and distributing them to a large variety of users. Enormous dividends await if you think in advance about how to leverage accelerated DAM innovation and about the role of DAM in your wider technology ecosystem.

Our free eBook, Avoid the DAM Value Trap: 10 Key Questions Your DAM Vendor Doesn’t Want You to Ask, includes two essential integration issues to consider: 1. How easily can this DAM take advantage of emerging cloud capabilities?

Many of the capabilities that DAMs provide have become available as discrete and elastic cloud services. For example, Amazon Elastic Transcoder for video, Google Vision and Amazon Rekognition for autotagging images with machine-learning algorithms, and Google Docs for collaborative editing. And that’s on top of essential backend services like cloud storage. These capabilities deliver enormous value and massively accelerate the pace of innovation a DAM can deliver by leveraging the investments and scale economies of the internet giants.

2. How easily will the DAM integrate with my current and future marketing stack?

According to Chief Martec, the number of marketing technology vendors has grown 23x from 150 in 2011 to 3,500 in 2016. Almost all of them tie into content in one form or another, and every DAM you look at will tout integrations into various other tools. But don’t let yourself be wooed by integrations with a particular commerce engine, web content management system, or analytics platform. The key question is how easily you can integrate anything else that you may need in the future, because it’s likely to come up again and again.

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